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Contract ready

Unlike other agents (both traditional and online) we start work on your conveyancing as soon as you go on the market meaning your property is marketed as "contract ready"... being legally prepared can really speed up the property sale process.

It is also really helpful for you the vendor too as it gives you the chance to get a lot of the paperwork dealt with in advance, so any potential issues can be dealt with before a buyer is even found thus eliminating many of the pitfalls in the conveyancing process before they arise and avoiding lengthy delays in the progress.

Contract ready
Convey Move Steps

Legally prepared

Under our Legally Prepared contract ready scheme, our conveyancers will carry out the pre-contract work in advance saving important time in the legal process and because the majority of the paperwork and formalities are dealt with in advance of the sale, so as soon as a buyer is found we are able to issue draft contracts often on the same day.

Quicker    Easier    Cheaper

How does it help you the vendor?

Once you instruct Convey-Move as your estate agent you will be invited in to the local office to meet your solicitor and to provide the documents and information required, this is not only more convenient but also provides an opportunity to have the conveyancing process explained in detail and to understand the timescale in which things will happen and why delays sometimes occur.

Legally prepared

Documents required could include:

  • Property Information Form
  • Leasehold Information Form (If Leasehold Property)
  • Fixtures & Fittings Form
  • Original Title Deeds
  • Invoices & Guarantees (for any work completed on the property such as FENSA certificate for double glazing, NHBC or Zurich insurance for properties under 10 years old)
  • Central Heating & Boiler Maintenance (certificates / invoices / installation documents)
  • Electrical Certificates
  • Planning Permissions & Building Control Sign Offs

We know it can be a struggle sometimes to provide this documentation, starting immediately will give you more time and not hold up the process later on.

By starting the legal work in advance you can be confident that we are committed to a quicker more efficient progress of your sale and want to advance as fast as possible. Because our solicitors are local this makes it easier and more secure to call in to get a lot of the required formalities dealt with early such as written confirmation of instructions, i.d. checks and money laundering compliance and this puts you in a strong position and are able to attract buyers who are keen to move quickly. Statistics show that the faster a sale progresses the less likely it is to fall through.

Playing It Safe

Another important factor is safety and security from cyber crime, because of the internet there has been an increase in this kind of "online crime" and you have to be really careful how and who you give your personal and banking information to.

Remember at some stage you may have to transfer money so it's vital you are confident with the process, another reason why using a local solicitor is more reassuring.