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Legal services

The government will further reduce barriers so that it is easier for alternative business structures, such as supermarkets and estate agents, to offer legal services like conveyancing, probate and litigation in England and Wales.

The government has announced plans to modernise the consumer approach to home buying to ensure a smoother conveyancing process. They want to analyse the development of the real estate and conveyancing markets around existing regulation, encourage greater innovation in the conveyancing sector, and make the legal process more transparent and efficient.

Encouraging new business models, such as online only estate agents, is key to enhancing price competition in the real estate sector, the government believes these online estate agencies could give conveyancers the opportunity to build new businesses.

The Future Of Conveyancing

Like conveyancing? want to keep your business ? In the (near) future we believe you will be competing not only with on-line bulk conveyancing groups but also with Tesco, Easy-Group, Virgin and almost certainly Rightmove for the right to provide conveyancing to home movers.

The government is keen to lower the barrier to entry to increase competition and make a whole range of legal services more accessible to the general public but at what cost to the independent high street solicitor?

Also on the horizon is block chain technology and this more than anything could dramatically change the way property is bought and sold... if you are not familiar with it you better find out fast !

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Abraham Lincoln

Estate agency is a local business, in other words most people move within a radius of their existing property, this makes sense because of work, family, friends, schools etc. and given a competitive choice consumers understand why supporting local businesses makes sense but conveyancing is like insurance, something that is sold rather than purchased and you can bet the likes of Purple Bricks, Virgin, Easy-Group and Rightmove will be pretty good at it.

Consumers don't wake up and say "i am going out to buy some conveyancing today" but they do wake up and say i have decided to put my house on the market and this is where being part of the Convey-Move network can provide local conveyancing solicitors with a real competitive advantage.

Being part of the Convey & Move network is like having your own local estate agency, every vendor would of course automatically expect to use you for their conveyancing and of course if you build a relationship any other service you may offer.

The Convey & Move estate agency is designed as a packaged service putting the local solicitor at the heart of the transaction so you are guaranteed instructions from every property sale.

Imagine a nationwide network of independent conveyancing solicitors working in association with and under the brand umbrella of Convey & Move, we promote the brand nationally and independent solicitors locally..... strength in numbers.

If you are a conveyancing solicitor and would like more information or to join the Convey & Move network drop us a line, we are looking for solicitors nationwide to provide a great local service for people in your town.